One day, my brother Brian dropped a laptop on the floor. As expected,
it broke apart and a small cooling fan rolled out.
Forever the inventors, my brother and I thought “huh, what can we do with that?”

We brainstormed and came up with an idea for those that need a little help to beat the heat…
the workforce.
When you’re working outdoors, especially in the hot sun, or inside a warehouse where
air circulation is limited, it can get pretty miserable. Our mission was to create something
that was quick, quiet and user friendly . We came up with a unique baseball cap with a fan in the bill.

We shared mock ups with friends and family.
Everyone loved them, each wanting one of their own.
Astonished, we realized this could be for more than
just the workforce,
it could be for anyone and anybody! With this in mind,
we made some modifications and created Kool Cap.

Kool Cap’s innovative design is one of a kind.
It houses a small quiet fan in the bill that pivots
for an instant cool breeze.
Powered by a readily available 9V battery,
it is extremely easy to wear.
It is available in numerous styles and colors,
including visors and lighted versions.
And they are customizable
by simply adding your company name or team logo.

We loved creating our Kool Caps. We hope you enjoy wearing them!